bonvago (BONV)

Token holder incentives include access to premium tier services (think frequent flyer tier levels), perks, upgrades and benefits.


BEP20 utility token offering tier-based access and a method of payment for the bonvago platform.

Total Supply

The total supply of bonvago is capped at 100,000,000,000 tokens, targeted 25% burn rate.

Liquidity Pool

10% of total supply locked in liquidity pool to facilitate smooth transactions on DeFi exchanges.


Tradeable on various DeFi exchanges, including PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, and Biswap.

Rewards Bonus

A 5% rewards bonus from all buy/sell transactions is distributed to all token holders.

Low Fees

Low 2% liquidity and 3% marketing fee to cover operating fund expenses.


Minimum Price Floor

bonvago's will have an established price floor on our platform and are worth 25% more if you purchase travel through us. This prevents wild fluctuations in price and secures token holders against pump and dump schemes or the token becoming worthless.

Market Size

$560 Billion

Online travel is huge. Even a small market share of 0.5% means $2.5 Billion in revenues with a market cap of US$38 Billion dollars (15x EBITDA ratio).


Built by developers,
for developers

We want bonvago to be the currency of choice for the global online travel industry. We are developing dApps and API's on the Web3 platform for easy integration into online workflows, checkout, booking and global payment systems.