Who we are and why we're doing this

"The distance between genius and insanity, is measured only by success." - Elliott Carver

Our Mission

To be the #1 Crypto Travel Currency as measured by customer satisfaction and reach.

Our Role

To transform the quality of life of the traveler. To democratize and offer perks and benefits to everyone. To reduce stress and anxiety and increase the feeling of “fun”.

Our Values

To elevate your experience with Wow customer service, always approachable, never snobs and a friend you can ask for help.

IPO Experience

Our team took their previous company from idea to IPO in under five years.


At heart we are coders with decades of experience.


Our team ran a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ.

VC Experience

We successfully invested in startups like Palantir, DocuSign and more.

We are a community of passionate travelers building a DeFi ecosytem for travel

We just all got so tired of having to pay a fortune to credit card companies to get perks - or even qualify for them with some absurd spending and credit rating requirements. And then having to use 10 different apps each time we had to travel, it’s disconnected, tedious and nothing communicates with one another.

So we put our knowledge and talent to work, taking our expertise in travel, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to build a breakthrough NodeJS platform, tying seamlessly into Microsoft Azure, to connect services, features and functions in one unified architecture using BEP-20 blockchain technology. Infinitely expandable and scalable.

Oh and we searched for a year for a cool name. Hope you like it. ;)